Inconsistent Dr. Fauci Still Isolating Himself Post-Vaccine

Inconsistent Dr. Fauci Still Isolating Himself Post-Vaccine

( – Dr. Anthony Fauci has been the public face of the federal response to the COVID-19 pandemic from day one. He has spoken at a number of White House press conferences and is the subject of numerous media interviews.

Dr. Fauci spoke with NBC Washington’s Doreen Gentzler about his life after being fully vaccinated on Monday, February 22. According to him, little has changed for him and his wife due to their age. Dr. Fauci is 80-years-old.

He and his wife don’t dine indoors at restaurants. He restricts visitors at his home to individuals who either received the coronavirus vaccination or undergo frequent testing. Additionally, the Fauci’s limit the frequency of grocery store visits and only shop during off-peak hours.

Dr. Fauci’s remarks raise several concerns. For instance, he appears uneasy about the virus’s efficacy with seniors like him and his wife. He also says people should continue wearing facemasks because health officials don’t know yet whether vaccinated individuals can still transmit the coronavirus to others.

As Doreen Gentzler concluded, no activity is completely risk-free. It’s important for people to weigh the potential risks with the benefits of their behavior.

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