Impeachment Witnesses Axed

Impeachment Witnesses Axed

( – A renegade administration official who gave evidence against President Trump during the failed impeachment attempt has officially been dismissed from the National Security Council.

Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, US Army, had been the NSC’s director for European affairs since June 2018. He gave testimony to House committees that was used against the president by the Democrats. He could have been the man who brought down President Trump – but that was a high-risk gamble, and now he’s lost.

And he’s not the only one.


Lt. Col. Vindman was subpoenaed by congressional investigators last October, becoming the first White House staffer to give any actual evidence against the president.

  • Vindman, who was born in the former Soviet Union and an expert on Ukraine, told the House committees that he was worried about various incidents relating to the country. This culminated in the phone call last July when President Trump allegedly offered a quid pro quo of US aid in exchange for an investigation of Hunter Biden.
  • In his testimony to Congress, Vindman fed the Democrat narrative that the president had abused the power of his office to boost his re-election chances – a charge he was cleared of by the Senate trial.
  • Predictably, the administration was furious at Vindman’s actions, and as soon as the impeachment collapsed, there were rumors of plans to dismiss him as part of a restructuring program at the NSC. The idea was his post could be eliminated in a more general downsizing (which was already planned anyway), rather than firing him as obvious retaliation for his testimony.
  • In the event, it seems the White House decided to simply reassign Vindman. It was reported Friday – and confirmed by administration officials – that Vindman had been dismissed from the NSC and escorted off the White House grounds. He has been reassigned to the Department of Defense in another area.
  • While Vindman was injured by an IED in Iraq and received a Purple Heart, he’s spent most of his military career working in embassies or high-level staff jobs. From 2015 to 2018, he worked at the Pentagon, and it’s likely he’ll go back there now.
  • Vindman’s identical twin Yevgeniy was also on the NSC, and he also left the organization Friday.
  • Gordon Sondland, the US ambassador to the European Union, also gave hostile evidence to Congress. On Friday, he was removed from that post, effective immediately.
  • There’s no question that the administration was angry with Vindman’s perceived disloyalty. Asked about Vindman on Friday, President Trump said, “You think I’m supposed to be happy with him? I’m not.”

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