Impeachment Witness Faces Assault Claims

Impeachment Witness Faces Assault Claims

Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland has become the key witness in the ongoing impeachment saga, despite admitting that he has no real knowledge of any alleged wrongdoing by President Trump. Now, in a new twist to the story, he’s also denying knowledge of any alleged wrongdoing by himself — but three women are saying Sondland is less than a diplomat in his personal life.


Days after Gordon Sondland delivered testimony against President Trump at the impeachment hearings, his own reputation has come under attack from three separate women who claim the wealthy diplomat tried to force himself on them.

  • Magazine publisher Nicole Vogel says Sondland tried to kiss her in a hotel room in 2003 while they were negotiating an investment package for her publishing business; she made her excuses and left. At their next meeting, according to Vogel, Sondland put his hand on her thigh and kept it there for ten minutes. She says she had to put her own hand on his to keep it from going further up. Sondland later pulled out of the investment deal.
  • Jana Solis says she met Sondland in 2008; he flirted with her through a business meeting then hired her to be his “new hotel chick.” Solis says Sondland slapped her rear on the way out of the meeting.
  • After that, Solis says, Sondland invited her to see the art collection at his home. She asked to use the restroom, and when she came out Sondland had taken his pants and shorts off. She says he told her, “I thought we could chat” and she replied with “I can’t have that conversation.”
  • At a third meeting, Solis was at a staff training session in one of Sondland’s hotels and was invited to the penthouse, which Sondland uses as a personal home. She says he tried to force a kiss on her and she fell over trying to get away.
  • Finally, Natalie Sept says she had a series of business meetings with Sondland in 2010 and felt comfortable with him until he tried to persuade her to sit beside him in a restaurant booth; later that evening he attempted to kiss her as she got in her car. Sept says she emailed Sondland in an attempt to keep their relationship professional, but he didn’t reply.
  • Sondland’s lawyer has denied all these allegations and implies the women have other motives for attacking the ambassador. However, it presents a dilemma for the Left — do they follow their doctrine of “believe the victim,” or do they try to hang on to their main witness for impeachment? We’re guessing their hypocrisy and desire to oust our president will win out over the #MeToo implications.

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