Impeachment Support Sees Major Change

Impeachment Support Sees Major Change
Impeachment Support Sees Major Change

It seems like President Trump had barely walked in the door of the White House for the first time before the calls to impeach him began. Our 45th president might just be the most controversial in the nation’s history, and there’s no shortage of opponents who’ll do almost anything to get him out of the Oval Office.
Part of that is down to left-wing fear of Trump’s radical program to revive America; part is just simple dislike of the man himself. Either way though, a significant percentage of our lawmakers want to kick out the leader we elected before his first term is done. The question is, are the American people behind them? And the answer is no.


  • In most democracies there’s always a significant minority of voters who think their elected leader should be voted out of office. A unique feature of US politics is that there’s always a significant minority who think the leader should be impeached. This minority has probably never been larger – or louder – than during the first two years of President Trump’s administration.
  • There are plenty reasons people don’t like Donald Trump. He’s a larger-than-life figure who says (or tweets) exactly what he thinks, instead of coating everything in the sickly frosting of spin and diplomacy. He’s a successful businessman in a country that, these days, seems to value victimhood higher than anything else. He’s led a flamboyant life that, naturally, means there are rumors and gossip about him. Most of all, he’s pushing a program of real change that upsets a lot of people with a vested interest in the way things work now.
  • The result is that the percentage of voters who want President Trump impeached has tended to be above average. Three months ago, when claims that he’d colluded with Russia to influence the election were loudest, there was a pretty even split between those who wanted him impeached and those who wanted him to stay in office. At the time, with 48% supporting impeachment and only 47% against, Leftists predicted that Trump would soon be swept away by a tidal wave of public opposition.
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  • That just hasn’t happened. In fact the latest CNN poll on the subject shows those opposed to impeachment now totalling 50% of voters, while supporters have fallen sharply to 43% and 7% are undecided.
  • Some analysts believe the shift is just statistical noise, but a breakdown of the numbers makes that unlikely. While opinions among registered Republicans and Democrats haven’t changed much, there’s been a dramatic fall in support for impeachment among Independents.
  • Others say it’s the shift in emphasis from wild allegations about Russia to run-of-the-mill political sleaze; voters want rid of a president who works with a hostile regime, but aren’t that bothered about one who hired a shady lawyer. Others say the investigations have just gone too far; every aspect of Trump’s life is now being probed in a way no other president has had to endure.

Whatever the reason behind it, it looks like the campaign to impeach our 45th president might be running out of steam at last.