Impeachment Support Increasing Among Liberals

Impeachment Support Increasing Among Liberals

A new USA TODAY/Ipsos poll reveals that a 45%-38% plurality of Americans supports impeachment against Donald Trump. However, a closer look at the breakdown shows that the vast majority of support comes from Liberals. A whopping 74% of Democrats support impeachment, while only 17% of Republicans share this notion.

This is the true manifestation of the power that fake news exerts over our society.

Trump lamented on Twitter over the collaboration between fake news and the Dems.

President Trump is absolutely correct in his assessment. Fake news and Dems have attacked him since the very beginning of his presidency. Even FOX News, who was on Trump’s side for many years, began openly distancing itself from one of the most successful presidents in America’s history.

The joke’s on them — it’s their loss when Trump wins in 2020.

Allowing Liberals to win-over the average American with their socialist propaganda only spells doom for the most powerful and wealthy nation in the world. There’s still hope to keep America great, and it starts with you. Fighting against the corrupting influence of fake news means engaging in the culture war against the Left.

Don’t let Liberals destroy our country without giving it your best shot.

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