Impeachment Circus Goes On Thanksgiving Break

Impeachment Circus Goes On Thanksgiving Break

Congress has now left town for the Thanksgiving recess and won’t meet again until early December — and, this year, that means the increasingly farcical Trump impeachment process will also be taking a break. With the gaps in the Democrats’ “evidence” increasingly obvious just four days into the public hearings, public discussion during that break could have a big influence on how things turn out.

The mainstream media has made a big deal of ambassador Gordon Sondland’s testimony, but a series of questions made it clear that Sondland doesn’t have any actual knowledge of a quid pro quo deal between President Trump and Ukraine. All he’s actually saying is what he presumed, and he admitted to the hearing that nobody has ever told him there was any link between US aid and investigating the Bidens.

Americans now have a week to discuss the issue and make their feelings known. Support for the process is already fading fast despite saturated media coverage. If public opinion keeps going south, the more sensible Democrats are going to start backing away from the process.

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