Immigrants Might Be Brought in to Take American Jobs… On Purpose

Immigrants Might Be Brought in to Take American Jobs... On Purpose

( – The US economy is slowly returning to normal after the devastation inflicted by COVID-19, but there’s a huge brake on our recovery – a shortage of workers. It seems millions of Americans are in no rush to go back to work. But should we replace them with immigrants?

The latest Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows US unemployment fell below 5% in September for the first time in over a year. That would normally be good news, but this time, it conceals a problem – not everyone who left their job because of COVID wants to go back to it. Many people, especially women and older workers, have dropped out of the labor force. The US now has three million more open jobs than in January 2020, and employers are struggling to fill them.

At the same time, legal immigration to the US is down by half, meaning fewer people are coming here to work. Now, some economists are calling for more immigration to fill those open jobs. It’s a tempting solution – but is it a sensible one?

If immigrants fill job vacancies, our economy will recover more quickly. However, it also reflects millions of Americans who aren’t working. Some of these people have just decided to retire a little early, and others will be able to support themselves from savings or investments; the question is, how many are staying home because, between stimulus checks and enhanced unemployment, they don’t need to work? And would we be better off encouraging them to find jobs than bringing in immigrants to replace them?

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