Ilhan Omar “Spent Campaign Funds On Lover”

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has built a combative reputation for herself as part of the so-called “squad” centered on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). Loud, radical and ostentatiously Muslim, Omar portrays herself as an honest friend of ordinary workers. Now, however, a complaint to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) claims she pilfered her campaign funds to pay for an affair with a married Democrat consultant.


Last week the New York Times reported that Dr. Beth Mynett, the estranged wife of Democratic Party consultant Tim Mynett, had filed for divorce — and named her husband’s affair with Rep. Ilhan Omar as the reason.

  • Omar has carried on a complicated relationship with Ahmed Hirsi since 2002, and finally legally married him last year. However, it seems that within months she’d begun an affair with Tim Mynett, a political fundraising expert.
  • Mynett admitted the affair to his wife this April, telling her he was in love with Omar. Beth Mynett offered to work on their marriage, but Mynett refused and left his family.
  • Earlier this month, a British newspaper, the Daily Mail, reported rumors that Omar and Hirsi had separated. The same paper revealed that Omar and Mynett were frequently seen in public together, and mentioned that Mynett had tried to stop photographers taking pictures of him and a woman believed to be Omar. Meanwhile, Omar continues to deny the affair.
  • Now it’s being alleged that Omar wasn’t just having an affair with Mynett; she was using her campaign funds — money given to her by supporters for political purposes — to pay for their liaisons.
  • Omar’s campaign has been making payments to E Street Group, LLC since last August; invoices say this money was going toward consulting and fundraising expenses.
  • Then, on April 1st, the campaign began making additional payments to E Street for “travel expenses.” Beth Mynett says her husband started working longer hours and traveling more around this time — and, on April 7th, he confessed his affair with Omar.
  • The National Legal and Policy Center says the timing of the travel payments and Mynett and Omar’s affair is suspicious. If Mynett’s travel was so he could spend time with Omar, that’s a personal expenditure — and campaign funds can’t be used for that unless the candidate refunds them later. Omar hasn’t done that.
  • Omar has already been in trouble for misuse of campaign funds; in June she was fined $500, and ordered to refund $3,500 after using donations to pay for a trip to a conference in Florida. If she’s been using donor money to bring her lover along on trips, she can expect a much heavier punishment this time.

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