Ilhan Omar Brags About Giving Husband’s Firm $600,000 In July (VIDEO)

Ilhan Omar Brags About Giving Husband’s Firm $600,000 In July (VIDEO)

( – Ilhan Omar isn’t just using campaign funds to line her own pockets with money. She’s even bragging about it!

In a recent interview with Chad Hartman, Ilhan Omar admitted that she gave $600,000 to her husband’s firm to reportedly “place an ad” and write propaganda for her campaign. She even tried to justify her actions, saying, “I don’t pay my husband. I pay the firm…”

Omar Gives $600,000 to Husband’s Firm

Freshman Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is notorious as a member of the far-left “Squad” led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). Now, she’s building up an equally bad reputation for her personal conduct. As well as unproven, but persistent, rumors that she married her own brother in an immigration scam, she’s now facing criticism for funneling campaign funds to her husband.

Federal Election Commission records show that in the first three weeks of July Omar spent just over $780,000 on campaign expenses – and $606,000 of it, around 77% of the total, went to just one company. The problem is that the company is E Street Group, run by political consultant Tim Mynett.

Mynett first became well known last August when his wife filed for divorce, alleging that he was having an affair with Omar. The pair denied the allegations – but, weeks later, Omar also filed for divorce and in March she married Mynett. Since then, her campaign has paid E Street Group more than $1.6 million in consulting fees – almost half the total $3.4 million she’s spent. Her campaign is the group’s most lucrative client — by far.

Omar Denies Wrongdoing

When radio host Chad Hartman asked Omar if it was right for her and her husband to benefit from campaign spending she claimed “I don’t pay my husband; I pay the firm to do work.” However, Mynett is a partner of the firm and benefits directly from its earnings.

Omar said the most recent payment was used to place an ad on MTV and brushed off Mynett’s involvement as carrying out “the contractual work we do with other vendors.”

She also admitted that E Street is involved in her campaign’s fundraising work. So her husband’s company charges her to raise money for her campaign, gives her the money, and then she gives almost half of it right back to the company. This might not be corruption, but it sure looks suspiciously like it.

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