If Democrats Fail to Pass Infrastructure Bills, Is it Lights Out for Joe Biden?

If Democrats Fail to Pass Infrastructure Bills, Is it Lights Out for Joe Biden?

(RightWing.org) – Many of President Joe Biden’s errors are consuming Democrats in Washington, DC, and the timing couldn’t be worse. COVID-19 remains in the news, the economy is limping along, and the botched Afghanistan fiasco hearings are taking the wind out of Biden’s sails. That’s not even half of it. Democrats are up against the wall on the debt ceiling and the federal budget. In the middle of the chaos, the Left and Biden are trying to jam through two massive infrastructure packages that are struggling for support.

In August, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) created a self-imposed September 30 deadline to submit a partisan reconciliation bill to the president for his signature. At the moment, one can forget about that happening. With each day that goes by, it’s becoming less probable that legislation will reach Biden’s desk, let alone in September. What Pelosi and Schumer managed to do was create a scheduling nightmare of misplaced priorities and set themselves up for a potential failure. For Joe Biden, the consequences could be even more pronounced.

Will Failure to Pass One or Both Infrastructure Deals Be a Blow to Biden?

Right now, Biden needs a big win. The first eight months of his presidency were a string of failures. It started with immigration (which is still a massive problem) and culminated in the Afghanistan withdrawal. If Biden loses the infrastructure battle with his own party, it could be lights out for the next three years.

The poll numbers for the president bear out this potential reality. In poll after poll, the president went from solid highs through the spring and summer to upside down in August and September. It ought to be frightening to Democrats how bad it is right now. Biden essentially used all of his political capital, and not one bit of it was on his domestic legislative priorities.

Two polls demonstrate how bad things are for the now embattled president. In a September 3 Zogby Poll, 1-in-5 voters regret voting for Biden. That’s millions of people that could sway an election in 2024 and impact the 2022 midterms significantly. Independent support dropped to the low-to-mid 30s. Only 39% of the country approves of the president’s job on the economy, and 38% approve of his handling of crime. On immigration, it’s even worse as just 33% say he’s doing a good job.

In a brand new Quinnipiac Poll released on September 13, the news isn’t getting any better for Biden. Only 42% approve of the president’s job performance, and 50% disapprove. That’s a 4% approval drop and a 7% disapproval increase since August’s poll. Again, the all-important independents lead the way as only 34% approve. The numbers virtually parallel the Zogby poll on the economy, COVID-19, foreign affairs, and immigration.

What does all this suggest?

Biden’s presidency is failing the grade with the public. That may seem obvious, but to millions of Americans not paying close attention, it’s not, especially as Biden tries to turn away from the bad news and reset a narrative more favorable to his political sway.

There’s only one way he might recover, and that’s if the public sees his two-track infrastructure package as a win for America. It’s questionable if that will be the case. However, when a desperate president is desperate for any victory he can find, sometimes one must take the best cards dealt and play them. So far, there’s a lot of folding.

Biden’s future is no longer in his hands. He’s a spectator playing a game he hopes will go his way.

We’ll see.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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