Iconic Disney Character Targeted by Radical Left

Iconic Disney Character Targeted by Radical Left

(RightWing.org) – Woke activists are taking aim at yet another man accused of forcing himself on a woman without her consent. This predatory example of toxic masculinity came across a woman he’d never met before and kissed her in her sleep. It’s abusive. It’s shocking. And it’s part of a Disneyland ride.

Yes, despite not being real, the prince in Snow White is facing his very own #MeToo moment — except, of course, it isn’t Snow White who’s accusing him (because she’s not real either). Instead, the San Francisco Chronicle is defending the tragic princess’s honor.

A May 2 article by SFGATE writers Katie Dowd and Julie Tremaine praises Disneyland’s revamped Snow White’s Scary Adventures ride, now upgraded and branded as Snow White’s Enchanted Wish. But it went on to criticize the ending scene, where the handsome prince revives Snow White with a kiss. Describing the iconic scene as “the movie’s biggest problem,” they whine in outrage that Disneyland chose to conclude the ride with a scene depicting such old-fashioned ideas about consent.

Of course, Dowd and Tremaine are missing the point. Everything has a context, and in the context of Snow White, the heroine has been poisoned. If the prince had declined to kiss her without consent, she wouldn’t be a happy, untraumatized women’s studies major at a reliably liberal college. She’d be dead.

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