ICE Nabs Thousands of Criminal Aliens

ICE Nabs Thousands of Criminal Aliens

( – One of Donald Trump’s primary objectives as president has been to deport immigrants who commit crimes in the US and those who have entered illegally. Deportations of these groups have continued throughout his time in office as he tries to make America safe. In July and August, ICE launched a wildly successful operation to apprehend even more criminal aliens.

On September 1, ICE announced the agency arrested more than 2,000 illegals in the summer months. Roughly 85% of those apprehended had pending or past criminal convictions. The crimes included sexual assault, robbery, manslaughter, domestic violence, and other deplorable acts.

ICE Director Tony Pham said the agency focused on “perpetrators of crimes against people” and as a result, it was able to remove criminals who “preyed on men, women, and children.”

These arrests are even more impressive when you consider the fact that many offenders were from sanctuary cities and states where local law enforcement is forbidden from helping ICE agents.

President Trump is promising to continue to restore law and order if he’s re-elected this fall. That includes removing illegal immigrants from the US. Voters will have the opportunity to decide if they support his mission to keep America safe on November 3.

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