Hysterical Dem Congressman Compares Trump to 1930s Germany

Hysterical Dem Congressman Compares Trump To 1930s Germany

(RightWing.org) – If you’ve had any sort of discussion with a leftist over the last four years, chances are you’ve been called a fascist a time or two. Most of us just ignore it, at this point. It doesn’t really mean anything; it’s just a noise Liberals make when they can’t think of a decent argument. Most of them don’t even know what real fascism is. One freshman congressman thinks he does, though – and he’s making hysterical comparisons to President Trump.

“We Should All Be Fearful”

Representative Harley Rouda (D-CA) is worried about President Trump. In fact, he’s about as worried as it’s possible to get. The 58-year-old first-term congressman has been looking at the modern US and comparing it with Germany in the 1930s. For some reason he thinks there are similarities.

  • Talking to a virtual campaign event this week, Rouda discussed a trip to Berlin with his wife. Praising Germany’s acknowledgment of its totalitarian past, he then swerved off into a bizarre comparison between President Trump and Adolf Hitler.
  • Rouda pointed out that Hitler was democratically elected, then made what he thought were some worrying points: “he came to power under fair, free elections. And he started denigrating the press. He started denigrating minorities.”
  • The reality is Hitler was denigrating the press and minorities long before he was elected. In fact, the Nazi Party’s paramilitary groups – the SA and SS – were notorious for attacking Jews and other minorities from the early 1920s on.
  • The SA and SS also attacked Hitler’s political opponents. Gangs of National Socialist thugs regularly disrupted meetings and took to the streets to harass and intimidate Hitler’s rivals – tactics that are being used right now by the American Left.
  • Republicans reacted angrily to Rouda’s comments. Will Reinert of the Congressional Leadership Fund called it “dangerous rhetoric” and accused the congressman of “utter contempt” for anyone who doesn’t share his left-wing beliefs.
  • Rouda’s campaign quickly released a statement claiming the congressman wasn’t comparing Trump to Hitler – but this is laughably false. After talking about Hitler, Rouda moved right on to accuse the president of doing the same things. He said, “I am scared that every single day we are taking one more step towards fascism.” If he wasn’t talking about President Trump, who was he talking about?

Increasingly crazed rhetoric from Democrats is turning an already tense election season into a powderkeg. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo infamously said Wednesday, September 2, that the president would need an army to walk through NYC, while Joe Biden issued what many saw as a veiled threat when he said there would be no peace if Trump is re-elected. If anyone’s talking like a wannabe authoritarian ruler here, it’s the Democrats.

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