Hunter Biden SUNK? – Hundres of Legal Violations Documented

Hunter Biden's Laptop Shows 459 Violations of Law

Hunter Biden’s Laptop Shows 459 Violations of Law

( – A new probe into Hunter Biden’s laptop has seemingly found evidence of hundreds of crimes and violations. The watchdog group behind it has sent its report to every member of Congress — but it’s also having to deal with Hunter’s aggressive lawyer.

With two weeks to go until the midterm elections, President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, has been launched back into the spotlight by a shocking new report. Investigative nonprofit group Marco Polo was set up a year ago to analyze the data from the laptop Hunter abandoned in a Wilmington, Delaware, computer shop in 2019. At the time, the FBI leaned on social media and news platforms to suppress the laptop’s contents, but now the cat is out of the bag.

According to Marco Polo’s 650-page report, the laptop contains details of at least 459 infractions of laws and regulations, both state and federal. The group says the collected data gives prosecutors all they need to start laying charges against Hunter and his business associates.

Marco Polo is facing some pushback, though. Hunter’s attorney, controversial Hollywood lawyer Kevin Morris, has already lashed out at the nonprofit, threatening one group member with gay rape and saying he was “going to take all your money.” But, with Marco Polo’s report now in the hands of lawmakers, will Hunter Biden’s chaotic, criminal life finally come back to haunt his struggling father?

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