Hunter Biden Requests Child Care Payments Be Lowered for Lovechild

Hunter Biden Requests Child Care Payments Be Lowered for Lovechild

Hunter Biden TURNS AGAINST Lovechild – Makes Hurtful Request

( – Yet again, President Joe Biden’s son is in the news for all the wrong reasons. This time, he’s trying to once again reduce child support payments to the love child he’s never seen. He claims he can’t afford the current payments, but is that true?

In May 2019, Arkansas exotic dancer Lunden Roberts filed a paternity suit against Hunter Biden, the president’s son. Initially, the younger Biden denied ever having met Roberts, but a DNA test proved that he’s the father of her daughter, Navy Joan Roberts. Then he argued that he was unemployed and had been cleaned out by his ex-wife, so he couldn’t afford to make child support payments. Finally, he avoided having a judge make that decision by settling out of court. Now, he’s playing the poverty card again.

Following a 2020 change to Arkansas child support guidelines, on September 12, Biden filed a request to reduce his payments. He claims there’s been a “substantial material change” in his financial situation, including reduced income, and says the payments are now not compliant with the updated guidelines.

Roberts’ attorney, Clint Lancaster, isn’t convinced. On Tuesday, he said, “this is going to require us to look deeply, more deeply, into Hunter’s finances” and warned that he wants a forensic accountant present at Biden’s deposition.

Hunter Biden, who has relaunched himself as an artist, has sold at least five paintings for $75,000 each — and following a New York gallery show, his works are now valued at up to $500,000. Perhaps selling one or two would allow him to take care of the grandchild of the president of the United States — who has allegedly never met her either.

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