Hunter Biden-Linked Firm Is Quietly Connected to Forced Labor

Hunter Biden-Linked Firm Is Quietly Connected to Forced Labor

( – A business linked to President Biden’s controversial son has been investing in a Chinese company that supplies slave labor camps. The state-owned business makes a specialist film used on cotton plantations in the Xinjiang region. Those plantations are a mixture of high-tech methods and 19th-Century exploitation.

For almost 10 years, China’s communist regime has been persecuting the Uygur people, a Muslim religious minority who live in the northwest of the country. Over a million people have been forced into internment camps, in what human rights experts say is the largest persecution of a minority since WWII.

Like the Nazis, Beijing isn’t just persecuting its victims; it’s also exploiting them as a cheap workforce. One of the industries they’re forced to work in is cotton farming; Xinjiang produces more than 20% of the world’s cotton, and the industry uses labor-intensive hand-picking methods that were abandoned in the US after the Civil War.

Because the area has a warm, dry climate, the cotton crop often suffers from a lack of rain. Now Sinopec, a company owned by the communist government, has developed a solution; an ultra-thin film that can be used to cover the plants, letting sunlight through and holding in moisture from the ground. Chinese investment fund BHR Partners holds a 30% stake in Sinopec — and Hunter Biden owns 10% of BHR Partners.

In December 2020, President-elect Biden said his family wouldn’t be involved in any business “that is in conflict with…. the presidency and government.” However, Hunter still doesn’t seem to have ditched his share of BHR, and anytime the White House has been asked about it, they’ve simply said he was “working” on it.

Now it isn’t just about whether Hunter’s business dealings have an “appropriate distance” from the government. A Chinese company is involved in the kind of slavery we fought the largest war in our history to stamp out, and the president’s son is knee-deep in it.

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