Hunter Biden Lawyer Linked to Chinese Investment Firm

Hunter Biden Lawyer Linked to Chinese Firm Investment

( – The many scandals and criminal probes involving Hunter Biden’s tax affairs, overseas business deals, and influence peddling are well known. However, in the last few months, additional information has reached the public regarding the scope of the involvement of other family members, business associates, and attorneys in the first son’s financial wrangling. A new report indicated that one of his lawyers is quietly linked to a Chinese investment firm.

On April 28, Breitbart News published an exposé linking Biden’s top attorney Kevin Morris to an entity that holds a 10% stake in Bohai Harvest RST (BHR) Partners, an equity investment firm co-owned by the Chinese majority state-owned Bank of China. In other words, the Chinese Communist Party runs it.

Right Wing reported on Biden’s connection to BHR Partners in May 2021. He maintained a 10% equity stake in the company at the time. A few months later, Chris Clark, one of the younger Biden’s attorneys, told The New York Times his client “no longer [held] any interest, directly or indirectly, in… BHR.” He also made the same claim regarding Skaneateles LLC, a Washington DC-based firm that handled Biden’s share of BHR Partners.

Fast forwarding to 2023, Breitbart News posted a newly revealed document obtained by a non-profit group called Marco Polo, revealing that Kevin Morris currently controls Skaneateles LLC.

A review of the 34-page joint venture contract showed that Skaneateles still maintains a 10% stake in BHR Partners with an estimated value of $3 million. It remains unclear whether that 10% stake is the same one controlled by Biden.

Either way, the news that Biden’s attorney has connections with a Chinese-based firm could contribute to the growing number of potentially explosive legal problems surrounding the Biden family’s business deals in China. For instance, a March report revealed as much as $1 million was funneled to Hunter Biden, his uncle James Biden, and Hallie Biden, the former wife of President Biden’s deceased son, Beau Biden.

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