Hunter Biden Is Threatening To Sue Judge Jeanine Next

Hunter Biden Is Threatening To Sue Judge Jeanine Next

( – In the old West, when a wagon train of settlers came under attack, the drivers would then form them into a circle to give themselves a defensible barricade, and it appears Liberal media sources are once again doing the same thing for president Joe Biden and his son Hunter. While the pundits work to discredit and deflect, the Los Angeles law firm of Early Sullivan Wright Gizer & McRae, LLP, has launched an offensive — including the threat of litigation — aimed at Fox News and several of its personalities, attacking one facet of their reporting amid what appears to be an attempt to whitewash the Bidens.

Big Bucks Rent

The Daily Caller ran a story on January 16 about a form allegedly found on the infamous Hunter Biden laptop for a background check on a California property he was trying to rent. That story has since been retracted. Based on that form, Tucker Carlson, who is one of the more outspoken and extremely conservative on-air personalities at Fox, did an opinion segment, claiming the younger Biden showed his father’s Wilmington, Delaware, home as his “current address” and that he was paying nearly $50,000 per month in rent to live there even though he had also marked a box saying it was a property he owned.

Other news anchors on Fox, including Judge Jeanine Pirro, Sean Hannity, and John Roberts, picked up the topic and discussed it during their segments. As part of the story, they also noted Hunter was in residence during the timeframe the world now knows Joe Biden was keeping classified documents from his time as vice president in a closet in his garage. All of the personalities above are now being accused of defamation.

Lawyers Get Involved

Hunter Biden’s lawyers have sent a letter to Carlson and Fox’s general counsel that accused them of spreading “the false and defamatory ‘rent’ story… [and] demand that you immediately retract these statements by spending a significant amount of airtime on such retraction…” They claim that “fact-checkers” (specifically citing Glen Kessler of the Washington Post) have reported on the “falsity of the allegations,” which brings us back to the circling of the wagons.

Kessler and self-proclaimed checkers of all facts and purveyors of the real story, PolitiFact, ran stories about how the allegations just weren’t true and that the application form was “misconstrued” and is all an “embroidered narrative” in the words of Kessler. The claim is that the $49,910 listed on the signed and, therefore, legal document was actually for the quarterly rent on office space in Washington, DC; however, it is always best to look at the paperwork when it is available.

Both the PolitiFact and The Daily Caller articles had screenshots of the form in question, which provided the following pertinent information:

  • Current address listed as the Biden home in Wilmington, Delaware.
  • A section to detail his “current residence. [emphasis added]
  • Monthly rent of $49,910.
  • The question “do you” has the “own” box marked.

In addition to that, the form asked if he had ever been “convicted of, pled guilty, or ‘no contest’ to a crime,” whether or not the crime had been expunged from the record, the reply to which was “no.” However, his conviction for drug use is well known and not disputed by the Biden family in any way.

Is it possible, or even probable, the rent was for office space instead of being paid to his father? Yes. But where does the responsibility lie for any confusion? The Fox News staff simply reported what was written on a very easy-to-fill-out form signed by the person (Hunter Biden) who attested to its accuracy.

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