Hunter Biden Is Laying Low in Los Angeles With Shady New ‘Art’ Career

Hunter Biden Is Laying Low in Los Angeles With Shady New 'Art' Career

( – Federal investigators operating out of the United States Attorney offices in Delaware and the Southern District of New York are probing the taxes filed by Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. Reportedly, they are also probing his overseas business practices in Ukraine and China, along with allegations of money laundering. It seems he’s not sticking around the East Coast to help in the investigation.

The younger Biden recently relocated to Los Angeles to lay low and work on a series of sketches he intends to display at a New York Gallery. However, the owner of that gallery, Georges Berges, has a history of shady dealings, according to media reports published on January 30.

For example, Berges served 3 months in jail and an additional 36 months on probation for assault with a deadly weapon and making terrorist threats in 1998. Additionally, he settled a lawsuit for reportedly defrauding an investor in 2018. Berges also is alleged to have strong ties to communist China, regularly exhibiting art there.

Controversy continues to rage regarding Hunter Biden’s Chinese connections. It seems odd he would reach out to an American art dealer with connections there. We will keep you updated as more information emerges regarding Biden and his legal woes.

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