Hunter Biden Facing Legal Action

Hunter Biden Facing Legal Action

( – News reports abound regarding the various criminal and congressional probes into Hunter Biden’s shady overseas deals with energy companies. Besides the allegations of influence peddling, there are issues of tax fraud, and providing false information to obtain a firearm. Although less is known about the controversy surrounding his illegitimate daughter, the first son faces legal action in a court proceeding regarding support payments.

Biden initially denied fathering Navy Joan Roberts but settled a lawsuit with the girl’s mother, Lunden Alexis Roberts, in March 2020 for an undisclosed amount after the results of a court-ordered DNA test confirmed his paternity. However, in September 2022, Biden filed a lawsuit in Arkansas seeking to reopen the case and lower his child support payments for his now four-year-old daughter. Roberts responded to the suit by filing a petition to change Lunden’s surname to Biden, so her daughter could benefit from her familial association with the prominent family.

On May 1, Sixteenth Judicial Court Judge Holly Meyer set deadlines for discovery and scheduled depositions for both parties. She told the attorneys on both sides that she expected the case to advance quickly, directing them to “get it done.”

Roberts’ lawyer, Clint Lancaster, previously requested information regarding the value of Biden’s artwork and five years’ worth of data, including his income from employment and funds from individuals and family members. He also asked for documentation surrounding the first son’s overseas business deal with a Chinese-based company and all money secured from foreign and domestic individuals.

Judge Meyer set a deadline of May 12 at 5 p.m. for discovery and scheduled a May 23 status conference hearing to address any unresolved discovery requests, potential contempt requests, and any possible reasons for a delay in the trial start date of July 24. The court also ordered depositions from June 13 to 16 at Lancaster’s office suite.

Notably, the court told Biden’s legal team that its ability to redact information from previously submitted discovery materials was “being abused.” For years, Biden has attempted to withhold information regarding his income, taxes, and overseas deals from federal investigators and congressional inquiries. Discovery materials, in this case, could shed necessary light on those matters, thanks to Judge Roberts’ no-nonsense handling of the suit.

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