Hunter Biden Case Leads to Even Scarier Finds

Hunter Biden Case Leads to Even Scarier Finds

( – The five-year-long investigation into President Biden’s son Hunter has turned up some pretty disturbing things. Along the way, we’ve learned that Hunter used prostitutes, took drugs, illegally bought a handgun and lied about being the father of a child. He dodged taxes and hinted at access to his influential father to gain business deals. Commissioned into the US Navy Reserve, his military career ended in less than a month when he failed a drug test. Now we’ve discovered something even worse: Justice in this country is no longer equal.

Despite his appalling behavior and long list of crimes — including a firearms crime, something the Biden administration is usually ferocious in punishing — Hunter has just been allowed to strike a plea deal that will see him walk free. On June 20, the Justice Department announced that he would plead guilty to two misdemeanor tax offenses — despite failing to pay at least $200,000 in federal income tax — and, in exchange, federal prosecutors will ask him to be sentenced to probation.

On the charge of lying about his drug use when buying a firearm, he’s entered a pretrial diversion agreement; in other words, he’s admitted he’s guilty of the crime but won’t be prosecuted for it. The tax offenses fall under Title 26 United States Code, Section 7203. Normally, anyone convicted of failing to pay tax under this law is guilty of a felony and can be punished with a $10,000 fine or five years in prison. But, miraculously, if you’re the son of a Democratic president, it suddenly becomes a misdemeanor, and you can avoid paying a penny in fines or spending a single day in jail.

Two days after striking the plea bargain, Hunter was a guest at a high-profile state dinner in the White House. Meanwhile, the rest of us are getting used to life in a country where the powerful live by different laws than ordinary Americans.

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