Hunter Biden Brags He Can Manipulate His Father in Audio Recording

Hunter Biden Brags He Can Manipulate His Father in Audio Recording

Hunter Biden AUDIO Tape Reveals Dreadful Rumors Were True.

( – Like the Energizer Bunny, Hunter Bidens’ ability to rain trouble onto his father, President Joe Biden’s already troubled administration seems to know no limits. From allegations of corruption to potential influence peddling — the trail of evidence against the younger Biden and the commander-in-chief continues mounting. The most recent example came from a recently-released audio clip from his now-infamous laptop.

A former cyber-forensics expert for the Secret Service, Konstantinos Dimitrelos, recently confirmed the authenticity of a copy of Biden’s hard drive obtained by the Washington Examiner. During his examination, Dimitrelos located the password to a backup of Hunter Biden’s iPhone stored on the drive.

According to the Washington Examiner, the phone backup included a roughly 77-minute audio recording from December 3, 2018, of Hunter Biden musing about his level of control over his father. “He’ll talk about anything I want him to,” Hunter said, adding, “If I say it’s important to me,” his father will “make it a part of his platform.”

After briefly discussing Hunter Biden’s affinity for crack cocaine with British artist Phillipa Horan, the call’s recipient, she asked if he thought his father would talk about reforming drug laws if he won the election. Hunter said his father would, and “any other things I want him to [discuss].”

Hunter Biden also reflected on the fears Horan believed he held about not being loved or accepted. Biden claimed his father, “the man I admire most… thinks I’m a god.”

What do you think about Hunter Biden having that self-professed god-like level of control over his aging father?

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