Hunter Biden Abandons China

Hunter Biden Abandons China

The Ukraine controversy surrounding both Hunter and Joe Biden hasn’t taken center stage in the MSM as it should. Instead, fake news has focused almost exclusively on President Trump, and Dems have started an impeachment inquiry over the entire ordeal. What a mess.

Meanwhile, Hunter attempted to slip away into the shadows by backing out of a Chinese-backed private equity company. It would have been perfect for him to casually back off from his shady foreign investments, hoping no one would notice. Hunter even vowed to refrain from undertaking any foreign work if Joe Biden is elected in 2020.

Unfortunately for Hunter, his movements didn’t go unnoticed.


There’s no telling how many millions Hunter made from overseas work and backroom deals, especially when Joe took the spotlight as former vice president. It seems that Hunter’s non-American dealings — at least some of them — may be at an end.

For now.

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