How Trump Helped Women Succeed

How Trump Helped Women Succeed

( – In President Donald Trump’s first year in office, some claimed that it was the year of the woman. Trump appointed more women to senior-level positions than any other president before him. Unfortunately, outside of conservative media, it wasn’t discussed much. However, that was just a small foreshadowing of what was to come for women!

On the economy, childcare, and healthcare, President Trump helped women succeed in ways not seen in US history prior to COVID-19. The three issues are all tied together.

Economic Issues

Under President Trump, women saw major increases in the workforce and economic opportunities. In October 2019, the US Department of Labor reported that the unemployment rate of 3.6% for women matched the lowest level since 1953. That’s over a full point less than the 4.7% when Trump took office in January 2017.

In 2018, the result was women made up more of the workforce than men for only the second time in US history. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, women held 50.04% of all jobs in the United States in December 2019. Additionally, 72% of all new jobs created in 2019 went to women.


For many women, working is complex, though necessary. It’s made easier when affordable childcare and afterschool programs are available. In 2018, Trump secured the largest increase ever to the Child Care and Development Block Grant. Congress approved a $2.37 billion increase to the program to help families pay for childcare that will also prepare young kids to succeed in school.

And if that wasn’t enough, Trump secured from Congress a $2.1 million plan that provides 12 weeks of paid leave to non-military federal workers. The legislation allows a new mother to care for a newborn or adopted child without worrying about finances. It was the first major expansion of benefits for federal workers since the 1993 Family and Medical Leave Act.


Several of President Trump’s healthcare initiatives directly impacted women. In January 2018, Trump signed a 6-year extension of the Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP), ensuring parents have peace of mind and 9 million kids have health insurance. The president also made insurance more portable. One benefit to women is it makes upward mobility in the job market more available.

Additionally, Trump signed executive orders designed to lower the price of drug prescriptions. He also approved a record number of generic drugs. Between the two, the president added potentially hundreds of dollars or more every year back into women’s checking accounts.

Finally, as America’s most pro-life president in American history, Trump worked tirelessly to ensure that tax dollars didn’t go towards organizations such as Planned Parenthood. Instead, Trump stood up for pro-life pregnancy resource centers that provide physical, mental, and spiritual guidance for women facing unplanned pregnancies.

In just four years, President Trump accomplished a lot for women. He worked to help them achieve success as single women, wives, mothers, workers, and entrepreneurs. As a result, women excelled in ways not seen before thanks to the Trump administration’s programs and initiatives.

Regardless of political party, Trump made great strides for women in America. One day, his administration may be recognized as a groundbreaking transformational period in American history.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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