How Trump Can Win the Debate and Election

How Trump Can Win the Debate and Election

( – On Thursday, October 22, Donald Trump and Joe Biden will face off for one last debate. In order to win, Trump must make a shift in how he presents his vision for the future of the country and how he goes after Biden.

In their first debate, the president went on the offensive. The result was the appearance of chaos and scathing criticism by conservative and liberal media. This debate is Trump’s opportunity to contrast his vision for America with Biden’s. He should make the most of it regardless of the challenge presented by debate moderator Kristin Welker.

As an NBC News White House Correspondent, Welker has an aggressive and confrontational history with the Trump administration. She was also a registered Democrat, and her family financially supported the presidential campaigns of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and now Joe Biden.

No matter what the moderator does, there are ways Trump can win the debate, expose Biden, and show the country why he should be re-elected.

Let Biden Be Biden

In the first debate between the two men, Trump frequently interrupted the former vice president, coming off as rude and belligerent. Instead of debating, Biden shut down before he could say something he would regret. Biden has a history of gaffes, and the likelihood he could commit one during the debate or make a serious mistake is highly possible.

Trump should let Biden be Biden.

Expose the Hunter Biden Email Scandal

The low hanging fruit is Biden’s corruption scandal. If Welker gives Biden a pass on the evolving and breaking story, Trump should open the door and walk through it on his own. If the president handles the opportunity properly, it could force the media to begin digging deeper instead of protecting the Democratic candidate.

The story has the potential to end Biden’s candidacy with independent thinking voters and could swing them to Trump.

Remind the Nation of His Accomplishments

Trump accomplished a tremendous amount in his presidency’s first three years, and he should tell his story. Some of the highlights include:

Paint a Vision for the Next Four Years

In the wake of COVID-19, Trump must make the case he is best equipped to rebuild the economy and the American dream destroyed by governor-induced shutdowns. He should tell voters his plan to create a surge in new jobs and increase wages.

During the debate, Trump’s only job is to successfully paint a vision of hope and prosperity that incentivizes people to embrace the future. The contrast should be made with the devastating policies of Democrats that would trap people in government dependency that strips them of their dreams, hopes, opportunities.

If Trump does that, the president can ride that train to victory on election night.

By Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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