How the Pandemic Will Change the Face of Advertising in 2021

How the Pandemic Will Change the Face of Advertising in 2021

( – On September 11, 2001, 19 al-Qaeda militants hijacked four aircraft and carried out suicide missions against United States targets. With the memory branded into the American consciousness, that event forever changed America.

Nearly two decades later, the COVID-19 pandemic and its resulting economic collapse will change how America conducts business in 2021 and beyond.

Forbes published an informative article discussing three ways consumers can expect advertising to change in 2021.

  1. First, you can plan on seeing a lot more use of so-called influencers, individuals with massive numbers of followers on social media.
  2. Second, you will see companies targeting demographic groups by promoting their business or corporate values. If you’re confused, think of Starbucks’ effort to support the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020.
  3. Third, you will also see companies heavily promoting branded products like PPE equipment on video conferencing platforms and other internet-based technologies rising to meet the increased demand for virtual networking in a post-pandemic economy.

You can probably expect to see many other changes in marketing and advertising strategies as the country continues battling the COVID-19 virus. However, with the approval of two vaccines in December 2020, the future looks considerably brighter.

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