How the Military Deals with COVID-19

How the Military Deals with COVID-19

( – Everyone’s been talking about how corporations and citizens are faring in the wake of the coronavirus. At this point, it seems like virtually everyone knows what’s going on in America when it comes to daily life, corporate decisions, and acts of Congress. However, not many have focused on what it’s like for military personnel and their families though.

First and foremost, the financial situation of our troops isn’t any better than the average citizen. If you or someone you know in the military is struggling, then refer to the  resources listed below from the NSA South Potomac that could be of help.

Priorities on military bases shifted drastically within a matter of weeks, especially on bases overseas in places like Italy. Virus testing on military bases went from “a trickle” to “a steady flow.” The Pentagon expects US troops to deal with potential infections better than most Americans because they’re younger, but COVID-19 can be potentially fatal to younger individuals, too.

The safety procedures put into place are extensive, but many troops are comfortable with them. Military personnel with children on base are being asked to stay away from on-base playgrounds for now. Life for the military is about the same as it was before except for the extra security precautions, the mindfulness of sanitation practices at all times, and some additional financial stress.

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