How the Government Wasted $52 Billion in 2021

How the Government Wasted $52 Billion in 2021

( – Every year, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) unveils his “Festivus Report” where he talks about areas the government has wasted money. This year, the report was a doozy — the total waste? A whopping $52.5 billion. It looks like President Joe Biden’s administration has a lot to answer for.

COVID-19 Unemployment and Fraud

We’ve all heard the stories about authorities catching up with bad actors who gamed the system for their own benefit. According to Paul, these acts of fraud resulted in a staggering $36 billion in waste. He attributes this astronomical loss to “improper CARES Act unemployment payments.” Those who would normally not qualify for unemployment, particularly those at little risk of contracting COVID, received tens of thousands of dollars not to work.

Despite worker shortages around the nation and an abundance of jobs available with businesses who adhere to stringent safety practices, people continue to sit at home collecting benefits, costing the government — thus, taxpayers — billions of dollars.

Another $4.3 billion can be attributed to ineligible or duplicate payments made to Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) applicants. The government has actually sought out and prosecuted many people for filing false claims and trying to game the system for their own benefit. Many cases are still pending.

Department of Defense

Remember the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan back in August? You guessed it — along with leaving hundreds of our valued citizens and allies behind, the Biden administration also left behind billions of dollars in buildings and infrastructure financed by the US. Paul estimates the dollar figure of this waste to be approximately $2.4 billion.

Other losses on behalf of the DOD include failed collection of debt payments owed to the US for the use of our aircraft and $549 million wasted on aircraft for Afghanistan that was later scrapped and sold for less than 1% of the cost. Wasteful, indeed.

Climate Change Initiatives

It seems that in trying to adopt more evergreen policies, the government has sent some actual green out the door. Granted, it’s far less than COVID or DOD waste, but it’s still money our taxpayers deserve justification for. This includes the $179 million sent to Africa to fund green energy programs, despite complaints about the lack of effort in the United States.

And, it doesn’t stop there. It seems the government has a devil-may-care attitude when it comes to wasting our taxpayers’ money. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s the astounding hypocrisy of President Joe Biden wanting to raise taxes — and for what? To waste more? You know what they say — waste not, want not. Perhaps our government should learn to adopt this policy.

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