How Melania Really Supports the President

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It’s safe to say Melania Trump has been a very different First Lady from her predecessor. In fact, many of the president’s critics have also targeted Melania, accusing her of not doing enough (even though she isn’t being paid to do anything) and of taking her time moving from New York to Washington, DC. Of course, some people will criticize anything with the name “Trump” on it, and their main complaint about Melania seems to be that she’s not Michelle Obama. Let’s have a look at what she’s actually doing to support President Trump.


There have been activist First Ladies in the past, with Michelle Obama being just the most recent and the loudest. Is that what the American people want, though? After all, we elect the president, not their spouse. If you have a political agenda and want to push it, get elected; don’t try to ram it down our throats just because the person you’re married to got elected. Melania has stuck to that principle of democracy and focused on supporting the president in more traditional (and appropriate) ways.

  • Melania makes sure the president has a strong and stable family behind him. She describes herself as a full-time mom, devoting much of her time to looking after their son, Barron. That’s the main reason she stayed in New York for the first few months of Trump’s presidency — she wanted to minimize disruption to Barron’s education by letting him finish the 2016-17 school year in Manhattan.
  • She handles a lot of non-political issues, freeing up the president’s time and energy for the tasks he was elected to do. The causes Melania has supported include working against cyberbullying and encouraging parents to give their children more opportunities in life.
  • Melania also gives President Trump the benefit of her own opinions. While she supports his political goals, she doesn’t always agree with him on the details — or even the best way to achieve them. She doesn’t hesitate to let him know what she thinks, either. This means Trump isn’t falling into the echo chamber so common on the Left, where people never hear opinions different from their own.
  • Finally, Melania helps President Trump represent the US to the rest of the world. Her calm, elegant appearances at home and abroad — most recently at a state dinner at Buckingham Palace — are helping to win our president and our country friends around the world. And that makes President Trump’s job easier.

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