How Are We Supposed to Take Pelosi Seriously?

How Are We Supposed to Take Pelosi Seriously?

( – Americans are not naive. We know that politicians play loose with the truth and that political parties will always look out for their best interests. However, at the end of the day, shouldn’t their best interest be in the public’s best interests? Especially when it comes to matters of sexual harassment, it shouldn’t be an issue of Democrat or Republican.

Unfortunately, the political cancel culture that’s evolved over the last few years is becoming a partisan issue, and Democrats created a monster that is steamrolling out of control. In the case of New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo, some high-profile Democratic women are confronting the issue. However, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is expressing hesitancy to join them. Her reluctance is making it difficult for others to take the most high-profile woman in politics seriously on this matter, even though she may be right this time.

First, It was Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh

In 2018, then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was accused by three women of sexual misconduct in college at the last minute of his confirmation hearing. The first was professor Christine Blasey Ford. She accused Kavanaugh of sexually attacking her in college. However, no one would corroborate her story, and Kavanaugh defended himself vigorously against her claim. Two other women came out with sexual assault accusations of their own. However, they later admitted they lied in an attempt to derail Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

Nonetheless, Pelosi said that Kavanaugh belonged on the Supreme Court like a fly belongs on the moon. She said Republicans who supported Kavanaugh’s confirmation sent a message that women shouldn’t be expected to be heard, believed, or respected by the GOP if they speak out.

Now, Pelosi Refuses to Call on Cuomo to Resign

In 2018, the Speaker endorsed a scorched Earth approach to prevent Kanvauagh’s ascension to the high court despite the accusers’ lack of credibility. However, in Gov. Cuomo’s case, she’s taking a very different tact. Instead of joining other high-profile Democrats who are calling on the governor to resign in the wake of seven women accusing the governor of sexual harassment, Pelosi said he “must look inside his heart” to determine if he can govern effectively or if he should resign.

That’s a far cry from the Kavanaugh situation. That was political grandstanding and untruthfulness to derail a conservative Supreme Court nomination. However, in Cuomo’s case, she says that an investigation should be pursued and that all the information should be presented before coming to a conclusion.

Could it be that Pelosi is right on the Cuomo situation and was wrong in the Kavanaugh one? Yes, every accuser should be heard and respected. No one should be intimated from coming forward when seeking justice for wrongdoing. The problem with Pelosi is the lack of consistency. It’s one thing to say that sexual harassment won’t be tolerated. Everyone ought to agree emphatically. However, it needs to be applied equally — regardless of political party when the facts become evident.

There shouldn’t be any room for hypocrisy. Whenever allegations of sexual harassment arise, it’s difficult to take anything Pelosi says seriously considering her past partisan record on the issue.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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