House Slams Turkey Twice

House Slams Turkey Twice

In what seems to be a purely politically expedient ruling, the House of Representatives passed a measure rebuking Turkey — twice. The first hit is a sanctions bill that could cripple the Turkish economy. The second attack is the official acknowledgement and condemnation of the Armenian genocide during WWI.

Both measures passed with an overwhelming majority — 405-11 for the sanctions and 403-16 regarding the Armenian genocide.

The new sanctions against Turkey are even more stringent than the ones Trump imposed to create a cease-fire. In response, Turkey stated that the sanctions are “incompatible with the spirit of our allied relations under NATO.” How Turkey will react to this newfound and unexpected economic pressure remains to be seen.

In regards to the Armenian genocide, the situation becomes muddier. Turkey claims that 1.5 million Armenians were slain due to civil war and general unrest in the region and it is not to blame. These deaths took place between 1915 and 1923.

There’s one question on everyone’s minds in light of this news: How will the Senate handle these measures?

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