House Setting “Rules” for Senate Impeachment Trial

House Setting

The House of Representatives Rules Committee met to “set the rules” for the upcoming debate around Trump’s impeachment. The rules, made for the House’s vote, which is to occur this week, will set the stage for the Senate proceedings.

If the House successfully votes to impeach Trump, the Senate will then hear this case. Part of the rules being laid out is the House Dems’ request to call upon four witnesses to testify in the Senate. Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) replied to Sen. Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) request by saying that he wouldn’t allow a “fishing expedition” to take place on the more dignified Senate floor.

As is typical for a Democrat, Schumer wasn’t happy with McConnell’s answer and took to Twitter to voice his complaints.


Schumer claims McConnell (and the White House) are afraid of what will come out during the trial.

There’s nothing to be afraid of other than perpetuating a blatantly false narrative about President Trump’s great work!

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  1. Just a thought. The House did their investigation and filed the charges based on that investigation. Why should they feel further investigation is needed?

  2. The democrats in congress just keep making up the rules as they go only allowed witnesses that pushed their illegal coup in their investigation. Not allow any Republican called witnesses. Now they demand that the Senate abide by their made up rules too. The house democrats just want to ruin this country and the legality of it be dammed.

    • The House has the power to impeach. If the vote passes, the Speaker of the House has to deliver them to the Senate. At that point the House is out of it. If Nervous Nancy chooses to hold the documents and not deliver to the Senate, the President is not impeached. If and when the said documents get delivered to the Senate, the Senate sets the rules. So Nancy and Chucky and their flock of sheep need to go crawl back in the hole they crawled out of. For Chucky to think he has any right to ask for anything after the way Our President was treated in the impeachment hearings.

  3. You Chuck Schumer are a disgrace to America’s political system.You PEICE of political trash need to be removed from ANY POLITICAL position of power of any kind…You lie, lie and lie again about just about any thing so you try and get President Trump removed as Ammericas great leader…You PEICE of political trash need to read America’s constitution that was wrote by America’s founding fathers and follow its rules as stated
    in its articles.
    Politition like you and your fellow Demacrats Discust me so much with the way you are destroying this great country in such a way ya want to make me puke…you are a walking talking lying disceptive crooked excuse for a person and politition, and doing your best to destroy this great nation…I WILL NEVER VOTE FOR A DEMACRAT OF YOUR PATHETIC WAY OF CONDUCTING AMERICA’S GOVERMENT…So much for working for the people.The sooner you are removed from your position in goverment and sent to federal prison the better America will be, and hopefully any and all your demacratic sorry excuses for politicians will be in prison right along with you for the crimes you have committed against America and this great nation as a whole….

  4. It never fails to amaze me how the demoncrats are so hypocritical and act like they can’t see that. It was okay for the house to refuse to call witnesses that the White House wanted called; but, it is not okay for the Senate to refuse to hear irrelevant witnesses that the demoncrats want to call??!! I am sick of the demoncrats hypocrisy and the demoncrats thinking that the American people are stupid enough not to see it.

  5. This is self-impeachment by, and of the Democrats theselves, thoroughly high lighting their own incompetence, bigotry, dishonesty and willingness to daily lie to the American people. Frankly, one should be ashamed to be a democrat today.

  6. I would tell the HOUSE to go “stick it sideways” . . . The SENATE makes it’s OWN rules. The House Democrats are WAY out of control. That’s why there is “Separation of Powers”. Why the Democrats responsible for this impeachment sham (ILLEGAL COUP) are not in PRISON awaiting trial for SEDITION and TREASON, CRIMES against the POTUS is BEYOND me. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  7. For three years the dims have been trying to get rid of the POTUS, and every time they have failed. Now they come up lies and innuendo. They tried to impeach him while he was a candidate, (Mad Max). President Trump has tried to help Americans have a better life, and repeal the dumbass rule, laws that the obamie administration and the dems passed that hurt the American people.
    Now the want to dictate the rules to the senate, I call BULLSHIT, they don’t get to do that. It is time that “We the People” stand up and say enough. The dims know they can’t win in 2020, so they want to take out the POTUS now. In 2020 go to the poles and VOTE FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP AND THE GOP ANDSEND THE SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST DIMS PACKING, AND TAKE BACK OUR GREAT COUNTRY ONCE AND FOREVER. GOD BLESS AMERICA, MAGA!!!!

  8. The left won’t give up until they have control of the entire government. The trial in the Senate is NOT up to the house it’s up to the Senate. Pelosi needs to get sober and realize she can’t have everything her way. If this keeps up, we will be in a civil war and there will be no elections next year. Why can’t the democrats see this?

  9. I am sick of these Damn Democrats that started Impeachment plans as soon as President Trump was elected in order to keep the Deep State from being revealed and removed from power, and the investigations of HRC, BHO, Lynch, Clapper, Brennan, Comey, Rosenstein, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Bruce & Nellie Ohr, as well as their other cohorts to be implemented. As long as they keep an investigation/impeachment proceeding going and President Trump on the defensive they are safe. Enter Horowitz and Durham Reports! How will they spin these reports and facts? Enough is Enough! It’s time to charge them with 18 US Code 2383 Rebellion or Insurrection. This planned and orchestrated attempt to overthrow our duly elected President cannot be tolerated. Enough Is Enough!!!

  10. The Democrats have had there with esses and if they want the other people that they are asking to to be witnesses then they should have went to court and fought to get them when the house was doing there investigation to start with.

  11. Schumer, pelosi, Schiff, and the rest of the hot shot Democrats should have no voice in the Senate’s trial. The same as they would not allow any of the republicans to have any witnesses at the Democratic impeachment hearings. Schiff and the rest of them set down their rules for that charade, and they gave nothing to the republicans to work with. The same should happen here. All the Senate witnesses should be allowed and not a one of the Democrats. What’s good for them should be good for the other side.

  12. The House of Representatives doesn’t set rules for The Senate. The Senate sets its own rules. McConnell is right to tell Schemer to pound sand.
    The House has already presented its witnesses, shown its evidence. Both will be present in a trial unless the Senate dismisses the case without a trial.
    It’s now the time for the defense to present its witnesses and evidence.

  13. I think that Adam Schiff should be made to answer questions about the so called whistleblower, and that they be made to testify as to what they actually heard, not hearsay but what they actually heard. It’s time to put an end to this hoax and to put the ones responsible in jail for it. The potus is not guilty and should be acquitted.

    • It is TIME for these 4 Senior House IDIOTS, aka Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler and Schiff to be held accountable for their crimes against the office of the President if the US.

      What these Democrats have done is appalling and against the laws of the Constitution. These crimes by these IDIOTS are Clearly Treason, and deserve the full extent of the law, including execution for trying to over throw the Presidency.

      After watching all of this Impeachment SCHIFFT Show, I am All In Favor for their Trials for Treason, and Public Execution.
      There should be no other than this punishment for their crimes.

      Until this punishment happens, THESE POS Demoncraps will do this again and again, stopping at nothing until they fill OUR Govt with their Corrupt Imbeciles.

      Get the chains ready, get the firing squad, and get the news channels ready. Nothing with these DemonRATS will change till actions are taken against these POS leaders.

  14. House doesn’t set any rules for the Senate. Send the House impeachment over or don’t.

    House is attempting to change the vote of 63.5 million so called deplorables. Let’s see how that goes.

  15. The House cannot set rules for the Senate. The House had a totally one sided UNLawful event with this and did not allow ANY Republican witnesses. So now the Senate should have the same choice to not have any Dem witnesses. Fair is Fair.

    Schumer and Pelosi cannot think they can dictate everything in govt – who do they think they are ? They are NOT the President and not God and they are not THE LAW – they need to simmer down and let the Senate do their own thing, as they did in the House, as illegal as it was.

    They made up laws to suit their agenda – they cannot still keep doing that for the Senate. All they did in the House is make up things with absolutely NO facts or evidence and then THEY MADE a law that is totally AGAINST our true law that hear-say was now ‘law’ according to them and that opinion and impressions serve as
    “evidence” ! THAT would be thrown out in any court !

    They passed an impeachment based on NOTHING. There was no crime – just accusations based on lies, with nothing to back it up. That is called a fake court, a Kangaroo court.

    I cannot believe this is what they call a “government” or Justice ! There has been NOTHING legal in anything they said or did. This was more like a board game or juggling act. It’s been a total waste of time and OUR money.

    And in all this time (years) just what has any of those Dems Commies done in the govt FOR the PEOPLE that THEY are SUPPOSE TO REPRESENT ? Not one darn thing ! So what have they been paid for all this time ? NONE of them have done their job that they were “elected” to do. So they broke their oath right there ! THAT legally puts them OUT of their job in office ! But as usual, under the title of Dems they can do anything they want and commit any crime they want and get away with it.
    Exactly what they have been doing for many years to get wealth and power for themselves – instead of their elected job.

    THEY are the ones who should be on the impeachment end of things, not Trump.
    THEY have committed all the crimes and Treasons, not Trump.
    This is a coup and that is Treason and that gets the death penalty !
    All the crimes are on their side – not Trump’s.
    I see no standing at all for them !
    Everything has just been their OPINION and that is NOT “law”. That is a coup and fraud.




  16. Schumer can wish in one hand and want in the other but the Republicans run the Senate. Maybe those punks Nadler and Schiff should have thought about that during their jacked up kangaroo court in the House. The Republicans should bring in Ukrainian Officials Rudy has been working with and the Ukrainian President to testify on their previous statements that there was no quid pro quo.

  17. That’s what we the people wanted from you people, shifty! Instead we got nothing we wanted. Except run around. You try to be so convincing but you can’t fool anyone. The rt. Couldn’t have lawyers in there, couldn’t have anything the asked for, so just shut up now and the senate will run this half. You make me sick!

  18. Schumer has his nerve to ask anything from the senate.The whole thing is a sham.McConnel better not even let this garbage go to trial. There was no crime as shown by the house circus.Drop it now!I hope the republicans have more brains now than when they controlled the house and senate!

  19. Schumer u had 3 years and you still want more grow up act like a Man. if u want another impeachment get Nancy !!!!!

  20. I agree with 2 aspects of this impeachment. #1 DJT was not supposed to win in 2000 so let’s impeach him. #2 What the hell are we going to do (say the demoncrats) when he wins in 2020? Can we impeach him again???

  21. Crying Chuck Schumer does what he usually does. He crying about the Senate being fair. Well he should have told his Democrat friends in the House to be fair. What goes around can come around. The Senate may want to put this impeachment stuff to bed quickly and that will serve the Dems right for what they did in the House.

  22. “Co-Equal Branches of Government”. The House seems to think they can dictate the rules of a Senate Trial. Where do they claim that power from statutorily?

  23. Ok, The dimms conducted a kangroo court in which they had complete control over the witness list and questions asked. Now they are afaird that the same tactic will be used against them. McConnell needs to conduct the senate trial as a trial needs to be conducted. Fairly and impartial. No fishing trip. Call those witnesses the Dimms house called that provided no evidence. Lets hear from Schiff, Nancy , joe, hunter, peloseee, and the rest of the coup crew.
    They have stolen my VOTE, I now very angry. The Dimms are Voter fraud.

  24. In the house of the Senate , The Senate needs to make the rules. In the house of representatives they made up their own rules. Now it’s their turn to Shut up and follow !!!!!

  25. Schumer is a liar. The Democrats conducted a travesty of impeachment proceedings for two months, not letting Republicans call witnesses, cutting them off in midsentence, turning off their microphones, et cetera. Now of course Schumer wants a very slanted process in the REPUBLICAN-CONTROLLED Senate that will favir the Demicrats. Sorry, Chuckie, it’s not going to happen.

  26. Shitty Shiff didn’t let Republicans pick witnesses so why should Republicans let the dumbnuts bring in the witnesses they want.

  27. Perhaps the reason has to do with the fact that during the phony impeachment BS in the house, the GOP was allowed almost nothing and he is returning the favor. The lengths Schiff, Pelosi and other liberal socialists in the house, would go to, not even allowing GOP to ask questions and get answers. If they did ask a question, Schitf would tell the witness not to answer. The house deserves nothing, from the Senate, except removal from office and indictment, for sedition and treason against the President and the American people. The corrupt, liberal, socialists, have been out to destroy the President and the country, since before he took office.

  28. Come now.move fast and start arrests of comey.hillary.all involved fbi.doj .cia.agents that rallied to”stop trump”.get bidens.maybe even(probably) obama. Hey check pelosi child also on.a board “like hunter biden was?” Check john Kerry son worked with hunter. Freskin rediculous what dems have been hiding under the trump impeach

  29. Why in God’s name does Mr. Schumer, one the many Jews in Congress who have dual citizenship with Israel, get to dictate terms to Americans, who are solely loyal to America, and not another country? Why are almost all the Jewish Democrats in Congress citizens of both countries? It is a travesty. You notice there aren’t any other Democrats who are dual citizens with England or France or any other country Why is this???

  30. The Democrats (socialist) are not let the truth be told. They busy making up more lies. They have found nothing wrong. The President just wants the democrats (socialist) investigated. To the fullist

  31. Although I know it will cost $$$ to go through with a trial, I think the senate should go through with it. Why? I do NOT believe President Trump did anything wrong, nor do I believe the House found ANYTHING CRIMINAL. I do
    believe that going through a trial will CATEGORICALLY PROVE the President innocent, and it can then be rubbed in the face of dems, and will stand in history as a spanking to the dems for acting solely on ‘FEELINGS, ASSUMPTIONS, and PRESUMPTIONS’ rather than facts. The rule of law is to be presented by FACTS. History will also show the rush to judgment by the dems.


  33. These demoncrats should just go to hell, everyone of them. Who are they to make rules for the Senate? The Senate should tell them where to go.

    • We can’t forget the rest of the DemonCRAP STOOGES, Schumer, Pelosi, Nadler, and Schifft.

      All of them should be tried for Treason, then publicly executed for their crimes against President Trump, and the Citizens of America. If the GOVT were to publicly execute these CRIMINALS, surely any other people who has these Treasonous thoughts, would surely have second thoughts before trying this again.

  34. So the majority in the house limitted the minority witnesses, etc. now the minority in senate wants different treatment?

  35. If the dems wanted these people to testify, they should of done it when they had their kangaroo court in the house. The Republicans are 100% correct in telling Schumer to go pound sand. He’s just a puppet to pelosi. She probably put him up to it. They make Schumer look like an ass all the time & he doesn’t even get it. Perfect tunnel vision dems.

  36. Amazing in 2016 the DNC and Hillary can send a dem to Ukraine to have them dig up dirt on President Trump. Then launch an investigation by Mueller (Russia Hoax). Then twist everything around because he tried to get to the bottom of it. And they keep saying he is trying to have a foreign power interfere with our election. No dumbasses!!! The dems are the guilty ones. How is this charade still going on?

  37. If Schumer wanted to lose weight issues he could’ve gone to court and have a judge decide by hurry so they didn’t take the time. Now he wants to fish but he has passed the opportunity for those witnesses

  38. Maybe Schumer should have spoken up during the houses hearings.I never heard one single democrat from either house demanding that the republicans should get to call their own witnesses.The democrats had to know this was going to happen!

  39. I am sick and tired of the Democrats trying to tell everyone how to think and how to talk. They remind me of a bunch of kindergarten children trying to act like grownups but don’t know how.

  40. Why isn’t the DOJ not putting an end to this illegal scam Dems are calling impeachment, nothing legal about it, everybody knows it except them.

  41. The GOP wasn’t allowed to call their witnesses when the House was in inquisition mode in the Star Chamber so once the House turns the “farce” over to the Senate the Dems should be told “NO” and “HELL NO”. As the saying goes “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander”.

  42. Impeachment is OVER Shummer , The Republicans are not going to play any more GAMES . It’s OVER Case Closed, Enough of Hard Working American Tax payers Money & Time wasted . Senate will NOT allow impeachment . It’s Over . TRUMP 20/20 What doe he NOT understand ? I mean really

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