House GOP Wants to Subpoena Biden Family

( – Since before President Joe Biden won the 2020 election, there have been rumblings and concerns about his possible influence in his son, Hunter Biden’s, overseas business dealings while he was vice president. When House Republicans gained a majority, they promised to get to the bottom of the rumors and hold the Biden family accountable should they find evidence. Now, they’re seeking to bring the president and his son before the committee.

Is a Subpoena Coming?

House Oversight Committee James Comer (R-KY) recently appeared on “Mornings with Maria” with host Maria Bartiromo. The pair discussed the investigation into Hunter Biden’s business dealings. Comer said that the committee is “putting together a case” and said the expectation is to “subpoena the Bidens,” a move he fully expects “to end up in court,” according to Fox Business.

Comer said that these requests would not be immediate. Instead, he plans to speak with other associates first. If they refuse to comply, he said the committee would subpoena them as well.

Committee Releases Bank Statements

This declaration follows the committee’s release of a summary of statements that purport to show that the Biden family and its associates received millions of dollars in payments from foreign sources in Ukraine, Russia, and Kazakhstan. In addition to showing the deposits received, the partial statements also show withdrawals of the money paid out to Devon Archer, a former associate of Hunter’s.

These payments and subsequent withdrawals occurred while Joe Biden was vice president. Further, the memo points to the fact that he dined with people and companies, including Burisma, Kenes Rakishev, and Yelena Baturina, that sent Hunter several payments totaling millions.

During his testimony in front of the committee, Archer said he believed his former business partner was alluding to the foreign business associates that by dealing with Hunter, they were also gaining access to the then-VP.

White House Response

In a typical response, the White House denied that there was any evidence pointing to any wrongdoing on Biden’s part. According to The Hill, spokesperson Ian Sams said, “Comer and his fellow extreme Republicans in Congress are now admitting they haven’t uncovered any proof” that the president was involved. Sams continued to deflect, saying that Republicans were playing “partisan games” and carrying out “political attacks” instead of focusing on the issues plaguing the American public.

According to the memo, the committee only obtained copies of bank statements pertaining to specific companies and individuals, but not those of the Biden family.

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