House GOP Readies Probes Into Big Tech Companies

House GOP Readies Probes Into Big Tech Companies

( – Since 2019, some Americans have been the focus of Big Tech censorship. Chief among them was former President Donald Trump, though he was far from alone. After billionaire Elon Musk purchased Twitter for roughly $44 billion in late October, he began sharing internal secrets about the social media company’s internal discussions as well as those with the federal government.

During the week of January 2, House Republicans debated the merits of voting Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) into the position of speaker. Needing 218 votes to acquire the position, Conservatives spent four days negotiating concessions from McCarthy. Among them was creating a new committee to investigate Big Tech companies who worked with the federal government to censor conservative voices online.

House GOP Prepares To Launch New Investigative Panel

On Monday, January 9, sources told Axios that House Republicans were preparing to create a new panel titled the “Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government.” They said it was partially a response to Musk’s “Twitter Files” and was a negotiated matter with Conservatives who initially opposed McCarthy’s speakership role.

Sources say House Judiciary Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) will chair the new commission. The investigation is expected to center around government pressure from President Joe Biden’s administration regarding social media companies that resulted in conservative censorship or harassment. It will also examine whether or not the companies tried to silence debate on controversial issues like Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Musk released information to select independent journalists. The reports showed the FBI pressured and coordinated with Twitter to silence opposition voices.

Anonymous sources also said if the committee doesn’t get voluntary cooperation, it will use its subpoena powers to force testimony. Panel members will ask for White House emails, memos, and other communications they had with Big Tech.

What Else Will the Committee Look Into?

In addition to censorship, the sub-committee is also expected to investigate the Justice Department’s (DOJ) dealings with local school boards, and the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) failed attempt to create a government Disinformation Governance Board.

After McCarthy secured the necessary votes to acquire the House gavel, he said Republicans would pass bills to solve the country’s most urgent problems and hold the swamp accountable.

In December, Jordan said the FBI and Twitter had a relationship that went beyond any one particular subject. Instead, he stated the federal law enforcement entity and social media company had a “permanent and ongoing surveillance operation.”

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