House Dems Pass Pro-Illegal, Pro-Union Law

House Dems Pass Pro-Illegal, Pro-Union Law

( – Democrats in the House continued their battle to undermine national security last Thursday, passing a law that gives illegal immigrants the right to sue American businesses. They don’t seem to see any irony in demanding that US labor laws apply to people who’re breaking the law just by being here.


The House of Representatives, voting mostly on partisan lines, passed the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act. They say this will protect American workers; the reality is different, of course.

  • The PRO Act’s main purpose is to force businesses to classify independent contractors as employees. Dems say businesses do this to deny benefits to workers. Businesses say they’re using more contractors because they offer flexibility and access to a wider talent pool.
  • Under the act, it will be harder for freelancers and contractors to get work, as the advantages of hiring them will mostly disappear. A business is likely to hire one employee, whereas up to now they could have hired multiple contractors with more specialized skills.
  • However, the really controversial part of the act is that it extends US labor law to cover illegal immigrants who aren’t even legally allowed to work here. Democrats say the goal is to prevent businesses from exploiting illegals.
  • By giving illegals the right to sue businesses for breaking labor laws, the Dems are knocking another hole in the wall between people who have a right to live and work in the US, and criminals who don’t. Why go through the legal process to live here if you can just climb the border fence and get all the same benefits anyway?
  • The Federation for American Immigration Reform said, “Under this bill, if an employer makes the admirable decision of firing an illegal worker to hire an American instead, they could face an unfair labor practice charge alleging that the illegal alien was fired for union status rather than being here illegally.”
  • Another worrying aspect of the act is the extra power it hands to unions by abolishing state right-to-work laws. Up to now, these laws have meant that it was up to a worker if they chose to join a union or not.
  • Now unions will be able to operate “closed shops” denying jobs to non-members – and forcing anyone who wants to work there to join and pay dues, which will be used to support the Democrats.
  • Democrats also blocked an amendment that would have stopped unions from actively recruiting illegals to boost their membership and income. The PRO Act is a significant blow to US businesses and their right to hire who they want.

The only good news here is that this bill will probably die in the Senate and never get near Trump’s desk for his veto.

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