Hollywood Star Accused of Running a Secret Criminal Ring

Hollywood Star Accused of Running a Secret Criminal Ring

(RightWing.org) – A leading Native American actor has been arrested on multiple charges. Nathan Chasing Horse, famous for his role in “Dances With Wolves,” is alleged to have run a criminal enterprise linked to drugs, trafficking and sexual abuse. In a bizarre twist, police say he had also trained his five wives to fight cops and commit suicide if he died.

When Nathan Lee Chasing Horse was just 14, he starred as a young Lakota warrior named Smiles A Lot in the 1990 Western epic “Dances With Wolves.” He went on to appear in three more movies, became a popular teacher of Native American spirituality and gained a following among indigenous people for his healing ceremonies.

For the last few years, however, there have been hints of something darker. In July 2015, Chasing Horse tried to hold a Sun Dance ceremony on Montana’s Fort Peck Indian Reservation — but local tribal leaders voted 7-0 to ban him from the area, alleging the actor was a drug dealer and human trafficker who abused traditional spirituality and intimidated tribal members. Supporters of the ban also claimed Chasing Horse was being investigated for sexually abusing a young woman and warned that “The federal government fell asleep on this.”

Now, the federal government has woken up at last. On January 31, Chasing Horse was arrested at the North Las Vegas, Nevada, home he shares with his five wives. Police found guns, magic mushrooms and 41 pounds of marijuana in his house — but they’re also making much more serious allegations. Police say Chasing Horse used his popularity to attract underage wives, assault young indigenous women and lead a cult. He’s now been charged with sex trafficking, sexual assault of a child under 16 and abuse or neglect of a child.

According to police, Chasing Horse had trained his wives to use firearms and ordered them to open fire if law enforcement tried “to break their family apart.” If their resistance failed, they were supposed to take suicide pills. Former wives told cops they believed members of his current harem were willing to follow his orders. Fortunately, when the time came, they didn’t.

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