Hollywood Reaches a Tentative Deal — Is the Strike Over?

(RightWing.org) – Members of the Writers Guild of America (WGA) went on strike at one minute past midnight on May 2 against the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers Alliance (AMPTP). It appears the two sides may have reached an agreement to end the walkout after several days of intense negotiations involving union bosses and the heads of NBCUniversal Studio Group, Discovery, Warner Bros., Netflix, and Disney.

On September 24, the WGA posted a press release announcing it reached a tentative compromise regarding its 2023 Minimum Basic Agreement (MBA) with the representatives of the AMPTP. The notice explained that the parties agree “in principle on all deal points.” However, the final resolution of the strike remains contingent on both sides drafting the final language of their new contract.

The WGA acknowledged the “willingness” of its members to spend the last 146 days marching “side-by-side,” demonstrating their “solidarity,” and exercising their “power” as a union. The statement said the “leverage” created by their strike and the “extraordinary” support of other groups helped force AMPTP officials “back to the [negotiating] table to [strike] a deal.”

The notice characterized the agreement as “exceptional.” It also advised that the deal’s terms provided “meaningful gains and protections for writers” throughout the various motion picture and television sectors.

The WGA’s statement advised that once everything is “codified in the contract” and the Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) is complete, the WGA’s negotiating committee will vote on whether to forward the MoA to the group’s board and council members for final approval. Once that happens, officials will authorize a ratification vote by the union’s members.

WGA members were instructed not to return to work until the guild granted authorization, but, as of Sunday, the union suspended picketing. Instead, it suggested members join the picket lines in support of the Screen Actors Guild. That group has been striking against the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists since mid-July.

The WGA/AMPTP strike was the first time the union walked out in nearly 16 years. That strike ended in February 2008 after 100 days. The longest strike between the parties lasted 154 days in 1988.

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