Holder Warns Dems On Borders

Holder Warns Dems On Borders

Eric Holder, formerly US Attorney General for the Obama administration, recently called out Democrats for their ineffective border strategies. He also believes that Dems view the border as an imaginary line with little consequence or reason to exist. Holder rightfully points out that borders aren’t arbitrary — they truly mean something.

Several Dems have criticized President Obama’s immigration policies while advocating to decriminalize border crossings. Little do these Dems realize that many of the immigrants detained by the Obama administration had criminal records. For all of Obama’s faults, he was working to secure our country in his own way.

Under the purview of current Democrats, real criminals would have an easier time slipping under the radar if illegal border crossing was decriminalized. That’s the grave mistake that Holder is attempting to point out. Unfortunately, his message may only fall upon deaf ears.


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