Hillary Sulks, Backs Out of Event

Hillary Sulks, Backs Out of Event Because of Gabbard Row

Democrat rifts seem to be growing as senior party figures turn on each other — and Hillary Clinton, who still can’t accept the fact she lost in 2016, is fueling the fire. Clinton stunned fellow Dems last week with her ferocious attack on Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), who she accused of being a Russian asset. Now it looks like she’s trying to turn it into a personal feud.

Clinton was scheduled to speak at the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit in Washington, DC this week, but now she’s pulled out. She claims it’s because of a “scheduling conflict” — because everyone’s going to believe her staff doesn’t check her calendar for her, right? — but her staff privately admitted the real reason is that she won’t share a platform with someone she dislikes.

According to a source close to Hillary, she’s pulled out because former DHS secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is speaking at the event — but guess who else is speaking? Yes, Tulsi Gabbard. If her problem is with Nielsen it’s odd that she’s waited until now to withdraw, but the timing — right after her disagreement with Gabbard erupted — makes that appear to be a much more likely cause.

A defiant Gabbard blasted back, calling Hillary “the queen of warmongers” and accusing her of promoting a “new McCarthyism.” She finished with,

“I stand against everything she represents and if I’m elected president… she will not be able to control me. She won’t be able to manipulate me. She won’t be able to continue to work from behind the curtains, to continue these regime-change wars that have been so costly.”

– Tulsi Gabbard

She even took her fight to Twitter:

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