Hillary Says Democrats Are Planning on Challenging Results of 2020 Election (REPORT)

Hillary Says Democrats Are Planning On Challenging Results Of 2020 Election (REPORT)

(RightWing.org) – When multiple-time presidential candidate failure Hillary Clinton opens her mouth to speak, Conservative Americans need to sit up and pay attention for two reasons. First, it’ll likely be something meant to advance her dearly-held Communist/Socialist beliefs, and second, there’s a moderately fair chance it might be a bit shady.

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Mrs. Clinton proffered some advice to Democratic nominee Joe Biden telling him he “should not concede under any circumstances.” She believes the Left is going to need “a massive legal operation” to get what they want… namely, the White House.

She’s convinced herself and other Liberals the only way President Donald Trump can win a second term is by “messing with” mail-in balloting and she wants a veritable army of lawyers ready to challenge the results. She’s following the tried-and-true Democrat philosophy of hypocrisy. In a 2016 campaign rally held in Cleveland, she said failing to accept the results of an election is something only a dictator who was anti-democracy would consider.


This kind of stance from the Leftists could quite literally cause a Constitutional crisis that would make the Gordian knot seem like child’s play. The old adage “time waits for no one” comes into play when one remembers that absentee ballots need to be postmarked no later than election day.

Taking issues to the courts can be a lengthy process as everyone knows, so a challenge of how long to wait and declare all ballots received could become a problem. For the 2020 cycle, the law requires that all states must have resolved any issues no later than December 8th and that the electors need to meet and submit their votes no later than the 14th.

The vote-by-mail-system has been shown to be a problem even in small local campaigns. Case in point — a judge in New Jersey ordered results thrown out and a new election held because hundreds of ballots were discovered unprocessed — and the Dems want America to believe that a system that failed with a few thousand ballots can succeed with hundreds of millions.

The Progressives fear the success President Trump has had in pushing back against the disastrous policies put in place by their hero, Barack Obama, and they certainly do not want to see freedom in the country grow stronger. It’s up to the citizens of this country to make sure the upcoming election is decided fairly.

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