Hillary Clinton Was Still Disputing the 2016 Election 3 Years Later

Hillary Clinton Was Still Disputing the 2016 Election 3 Years Later

(RightWing.org) – Failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has spent much of the last couple of weeks gloating about Joe Biden’s self-declared victory. Never mind that election officials continue to count votes in several states and that several lawsuits alleging voting irregularities continue moving through the courts.

Nope, reading her Twitter, none of that matters. Her feed is filled with tweets stating, “The voters have spoken,” and praising the “brilliance” of Biden’s campaign.

Of course, America should have expected a display of full-frontal contempt for democratic norms from Clinton, considering the fact she was still whimpering about her 2016 defeat at the hands of Donald Trump during an interview with CBS host Jane Pauley aired on September 29, 2019. That’s right; she claimed Trump was an “illegitimate president” nearly three years after his historic victory.

Continuing her smear campaign, she accused Trump of resorting to voter purging and voter suppression techniques to steal the election, adding she received millions of votes but lost to a “corrupt human tornado.”

Considering all the allegations of voter fraud in the 2020 election at Biden supporters’ hands, someone should remind Clinton that three fingers are pointing back at her and fellow Democrats whenever she points a finger at the president.

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