Hillary Clinton Donor and Democrat Official Edward Buck Faces 4 Felony Charges for Human Trafficking (REPORT)

Hillary Clinton Donor and Democrat Official Edward Buck Faces 4 Felony Charges for Human Trafficking (REPORT)

(RightWing.org) – Another Hillary Clinton ally has just been charged with sex trafficking.

According to a new report by NBC News, prominent Democrat donor Edward Buck has just been charged by a federal grand jury with four felonies – including a sex trafficking offense. One of the counts alleges that Buck enticed a 26-year-old male to travel with him to engage in prostitution. The charges come just months following his arrest after two dead men were found at his home.

Ed Buck Charged

Controversial Democrat donor Ed Buck, who was already facing charges over the deaths of two Black men at his home in 2017 and 2019, has now been charged with four more offenses.

Buck, a multimillionaire businessman, has been a Democrat activist and donor since the mid-1980s. However, he only became well known in July 2017, when 26-year-old male escort Gemmel Moore died in his West Hollywood apartment. Paramedics found Moore naked and dead of an apparent methamphetamine overdose. However, LA cops ruled the death an accident and said it didn’t need to be investigated.

In January 2019, another male escort, 55-year-old Timothy Dean, also died of a meth overdose at Buck’s home. This time, civil rights groups demanded an investigation and called on elected officials to hand back any donations they’d received from Buck.

On September 11, 2019, a third man suffered a meth overdose in Buck’s apartment but survived. Six days later, Buck was arrested on three counts of battery by administering methamphetamine. A federal charge of distributing methamphetamine and causing death was added on September 19 of that same year.

Hits Keep Coming

Two of the four charges relate to distributing date rape drugs; one is another meth distribution charge. The last is for luring men across state lines for the purposes of prostitution. That one refers to Gemmel Moore. Moore’s mother says her son returned to his native Texas at one point because he was afraid of Buck. Unfortunately, Buck managed to entice him back to Los Angeles for the encounter that killed him.

The federal distribution charges carry a minimum of 20 years imprisonment and a maximum of life. If convicted, the 65-year-old is likely to spend the rest of his life in jail.

It would be no surprise to find his prominent friends abandoning him as quickly as they can – especially the Clintons. With the former president already under a cloud for his links to sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, Hillary isn’t going to appreciate her own connections with another serial abuser being dragged through the headlines.

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