Highest Levels of Foreign-born Americans in a Century

Highest Levels of Foreign-born Americans in a Century

Some stunning data points from the 2018 American Community Survey reveals that America is rapidly becoming more diverse. In fact, America is the most diverse it’s been in about a century.

A total of 44.7 million people, or 13.7%, living in the US are foreign-born. Of those, about 22 million are also non-citizens. These are the highest numbers of foreign-born individuals in America since 1910.

These numbers are a primary reason why President Trump attempted to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census. Over the summer, the Supreme Court ruled that Trump needed to provide more reasoning to support the addition of such a question. In response to the court’s ruling, the president stated that his administration would find other ways to obtain citizenship status in 2020.

While it could have been easier for Trump to collect crucial information about the populace of America through the census, the president will surely get it done in spite of the opposition.

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