Hidden Controversial Agenda Revealed in Latest Bill

Hidden Controversial Agenda Revealed In Latest Bill

(RightWing.org) – Last week, while the nation’s attention was focused on the build-up to Christmas, Congress released details of another massive omnibus spending bill. The latest spending plans come to an eye-watering $1.7 trillion. As if it isn’t bad enough, Liberals are taking the opportunity to fund some of their pet causes again.

Hidden among the omnibus bill’s string of zeros are millions of dollars for bee highways, salmon conservation (salmon aren’t endangered) and border security in the Middle East. One of the most controversial spending items, however, is $750,000 for a trans extremist group that has some worrying ambitions.

[email protected] Coalition is a Los Angeles-based activist group with local chapters in nine states, Washington, DC, and Mexico City. The group’s “TransPolicy Agenda” advocates abolishing the police — although they admit this is “not a realistic outcome” — and shutting down prisons. They want Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) shut down and an open border policy for trans and “gender non-conforming” people.

The coalition is also very interested in education. Its goal is to teach transgender “history and discourse” in elementary and middle schools.

It isn’t just an extreme group; it’s also an influential one. [email protected]’s CEO, Bamby Salcedo, is part of the transition team for new LA mayor Karen Bass. The group has a strong platform to push its agenda — and now Congress is funding it with taxpayer money.

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