Here’s What the Media WON’T Admit About 2020…

Here's What The Media WON'T Admit About 2020...

( – The mainstream media is predictably crowing about Joe Biden’s premature transition – but that’s not just because they want to see a liberal president. It’s also a useful distraction from all the things they’re not talking about.

The media don’t want to admit that all the warnings this year about electoral fraud have come true. Before the election, when Democrats were rushing to push through laws removing checks on mail-in ballots, Republicans warned repeatedly how this opened up the democratic process to fraud on a huge scale. The media brushed off and ridiculed these warnings, but now the evidence shows the Right was right on the money.

In one Michigan county, thousands of votes for President Trump were “accidentally” allocated to Biden because of a “software error.” Upon correction, it turned out Trump had actually won the county. In Michigan, 47 more counties alone used the same flawed software. Eleven more states, representing over a hundred electoral votes, use it too.

Absentee votes have been counted twice, as both mail-in and in-person ballots. Memory sticks with thousands of votes on them have been “mislaid,” and when found, it turned out the votes on them leaned heavily towards Trump.

This election was the most unreliable, corrupt and chaotic in American history, and media outlets were warned it was coming. They knew this was going to happen. Yet even now, they won’t admit it.

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