Harris’ Trump Bashing Knows No Ends

Harris' Trump Bashing Knows No Ends

Democrats will never cease their war against President Trump while he’s in office. Some, potentially including DNC presidential candidate Kamala Harris, may continue to stalk Trump regardless of whether he’s in the White House or not.

Kamala has spent a considerable amount of time during every DNC debate personally attacking Trump for his “wrongdoings.” Now, she’s taken to contacting Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, multiple times to try and ban Trump from the popular social media platform. Her first attempt was a letter concerning the president’s opinions about the whistleblower who attacked him.

Recently, Kamala doubled down on this notion by mentioning Dorsey in a retweet of Trump’s statements on how there’s more than meets the eye regarding the “impeachment” measure.

Will Harris’ hatred for Trump ever end? Almost certainly not. You can bet we haven’t heard the last from her, even after Trump is elected for another four wonderful years!

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