Hannity Apologizes to Fans After Media Takes His Statement Out of Context

Hannity Apologizes To Fans After Media Takes His Statement Out Of Context

(RightWing.org) – According to Deadline, Sean Hannity just released an apology to fans after one of his public remarks was misinterpreted as an attack against Tucker Carlson.

Apparently, Sean Hannity made a statement that seemed to disagree with Tucker Carlson, which led a lot of people to think that he was criticizing the host personally. Hannity clarified that the statement was not meant the way it was taken.

Hannity Remark Taken Out of Context

On July 22, Carlson did a segment about Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ obscene amount of wealth. Meanwhile, Democrats seem to ignore it because the billionaire is a member of their party. When the Fox host ended the segment and his show, he handed it over to Hannity who said Americans can “make money” because that’s what “freedom, capitalism” is about “as long as it’s honest.”

The media made a big deal about it, of course, and it forced Hannity to refute the narrative that he was arguing with his colleague. In reality, he was explaining capitalism is fine, as long as people like Bezos aren’t taking advantage of it and being dishonest.

Hannity was NOT disagreeing with Tucker Carlson personally. He was just pointing out that Jeff Bezos making billions of dollars wasn’t the problem — ripping people off during the coronavirus was the problem.

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