Gun Sales Soar in Deep Blue State

Gun Sales Soar in Deep Blue State

Shocking Gun TREND Spotted In Deep Blue State!

( – Massachusetts is one of the most pro-Democrat states in the US. It’s also one of the most anti-gun — or, at least, it used to be. In the last two years, gun sales have surged as residents realize the consequences of liberal policies.

According to Fox News, a Rand Corporation survey in 2020 found that only 14.7% of Massachusetts households owned a gun — along with New Jersey, the lowest rate of firearms ownership in the whole country. That probably isn’t true anymore. Dealers in the state say business has been booming since 2020, with 276,000 weapons sold in 2020-21. Retailers report many new customers say they don’t like guns but decided to get one because they’re afraid and want protection.

One gun seller, Toby Leary of Cape Gun Works, told reporters that by 2019 sales had doubled from where they were in 2010 — but in 2020, they tripled compared to the year before. He called 2020 and 2021 “banner, landmark years.” Leary’s business partner Brendon Bricklin said the explosive growth in gun ownership is down to “emboldened criminals” and overstretched police departments. In 2020, Boston’s homicide rate leaped by 54%. It’s now fallen back a little, but it looks like the shock of that murderous spike was enough to make many Massachusetts residents rethink their historic dislike of guns.

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