Greg Abbott Signs New Rule With $1,000 Penalty

Greg Abbott Signs New Rule Requiring $1,000 Fine

( – Deciding to restrict the Constitutionally protected rights of American citizens is a balancing act between individual rights and government responsibilities. To withstand legal scrutiny, a restriction must serve a legitimate purpose, achieve its intended goal, stand alone as a remedy for a particular situation, and its benefits must outweigh the imposition on individuals, businesses, or society at large. One GOP governor is using the power of the pen to make sure the rights of his citizens are protected.

On July 28, Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order clarifying the state’s response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Abbott explained his order in a press release stating that it “emphasizes” the need for “personal responsibility” to outweigh “government mandates” moving forward.

Continuing, Abbott said Texans had “mastered the safe practices” necessary to combat the rise of COVID-19, be it deciding whether to wear masks, to open a business, or to “engage in leisure activities.”

With that core belief in mind, Abbott’s executive order barred government entities from forcing anyone to take the COVID-19 vaccine. That prohibition also applies to public and private entities receiving state funds.

Abbott’s executive order also encouraged private businesses, groups, schools, and the like to follow health officials’ mask guidelines but barred the use of mask-wearing mandates. Failure to comply with Abbott’s directive regarding mask mandates could result in a fine of up to $1,000.

By allowing his citizens to make their own decisions about their own health, Governor Abbott is making sure the government isn’t overstepping its authority.

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