Greenblatt Accuses Musk of Inciting Violence

( – The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) promotes itself as the world’s “leading anti-hate organization.” Founded 90 years ago, the group’s so-called “timeless mission” involves ending the “defamation of Jewish people” and securing “fair treatment” for everyone.

The ADL recently published a report alleging that X, the social media platform previously known as Twitter, has allowed hate speech to run rampant on the site since billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk purchased it in late 2022.

Never one to shy away from conflict, Musk posted several statements and responded to other users’ posts discussing the ADL over the Labor Day weekend. With the ball in its court, the group’s head issued a statement accusing the SpaceX founder and CEO of inciting violence. Here’s what he had to say.

Anti-Defamation League CEO Bashes Musk, Accuses Him of Inciting Violence

On September 4, ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt posted a blistering statement about the group’s “recent developments with X.” He accused Musk of launching a “highly toxic, anti-Semitic campaign” on his site.

Continuing, Greenblatt called Musk an “unrepentant bigot,” promoted by “conspiracy theorist Alex Jones,” “Christian nationalist Andrew Torba,” and “white supremacist Nick Fuentes.” Then, he accused Musk’s posts of fomenting a “real world” march in Florida over the Labor Day weekend, led by “masked men… brazenly waving flags… with swastikas.”

Greenblatt claimed his greatest concern didn’t involve Musk or his recent threats to sue the ADL for slander. Instead, he feared for the safety of American Jews in the face of mounting anti-Semitism. However, he lost his place in the script and immediately refocused his attention on Musk.

The ADL CEO said Musk was “elevating” anti-Semitic rhetoric at a time when the group was actively dealing with “swatting attacks on synagogues” and tracking increasing “bomb threats.” He also claimed the ADL has been tracking the highest rate of “anti-Semitic” incidents in the past four decades.

Greenblatt concluded his statement by characterizing Musk’s actions on X/Twitter as “deeply” irresponsible and dangerous and calling on leaders to “stop inflaming hatred… before it is too late.”

Greenblatt’s Anti-Musk Fiesta: Round Two

Apparently not satisfied with the response to his ill-conceived statement, Greenblatt followed up the next day by hitting the mainstream media circuit.

He talked to CNN host Abby D. Phillip about his ongoing vendetta against Musk. He spent more than five minutes bashing the billionaire businessman, telling viewers Americans needed to direct their attention to “the bigger picture” — protecting the safety” of American Jews.

Likewise, Greenblatt appeared on CNBC’s oddly named “Squawk Box” program. He spent over seven minutes there complaining about the past week’s events. He dropped the usual accusations that Musk is anti-Semitic, and so on… and on… and on. As of September 7, Musk hadn’t bothered responding to Greenblatt’s accusations.

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